Business Restructuring & Insolvency Services

In today's fast changing and competitive environment, there is a very thin line which separates a company's success and failure. Identifying, capturing and then removing the causes of failure to restore business viability requires a quick response by experienced and skilled professionals. This is where we come in.

Our Restructuring and Insolvency experts investigate and if failure ultimately proves inevitable they help by finding solutions to ease the adverse consequences.

Business Restructuring Services

Business Stabilization and Turnaround

  • Express analysis
  • Implementing urgent measures to stabilize the business
  • Review/development of financial projections
  • Financial restructuring
  • Operating restructuring  

Assistance in Short-Term Cash Flow Forecasting

  • Cash management diagnostic
  • Increasing the accuracy of cash-flow projections
  • Tightening control over cash flows

Assistance in Managing Working Capital and Freeing up Cash

  • Analysis of working capital metrics and review of working capital management practices
  • Proposing ways to optimize working capital
  • Planning a working capital optimization program
  • Assisting with implementation of the action plan

Assistance to a Borrower in Restructuring Debt

  • Coordinating relations and communication with creditors
  • Reviewing the financial position and growth prospects of the company
  • Developing debt restructuring terms
  • Assisting with drafting the restructuring agreement

Assistance in Exiting Distressed/Non-Core Assets and Businesses

  • Indentifying assets and businesses to be sold/wound up
  • Assistance with conducting distressed sale of non-performing/non-core assets or businesses
  • Assistance in winding up distressed/non-core assets or businesses

Independent review of a distressed debtor’s business and projections

  • Reviewing liquidity and the short-term cash-flow forecast
  • Historical analysis
  • Reviewing long-term financial projections
  • Developing recommendations

Short-term forecasting and monitoring of a debtor’s cash flows

  • Reviewing the debtor’s cash position
  • Reviewing the short-term cash-flow forecast
  • Cash pooling
  • Cash sweep

Lender advisory

  • Coordinating relations with the borrower and other lenders
  • Reviewing the borrower’s financial position and growth prospects
  • Developing debt restructuring terms
  • Assisting with drafting the restructuring agreement
  • Contingency planning

Strategic advice on non-performing loan portfolios

  • Analysis: collecting relevant information for making decisions
  • Developing strategy
  • Building processes and systems required to effectively implement the strategy

Corporate Insolvency Services

Company voluntary arrangements (CVAs)

  • Preparation of proposals for CVAs
  • Acting as supervisors in approved arrangements


  • Pre-packages administration sale of business and assets
  • Sales of business and assets during administration


  • Administrative receivership
  • Law of Property Act or fixed charge receiverships
  • Acting as court appointed receivers

Insolvent liquidations

  • Creditors' voluntary liquidatio
  • Compulsory liquidation

Please contact our business restructuring and recovery team for further information and assistance.