Sustainability Advisory Services

Amid rapid developments in the environmental, social and governance (ESG) space and rising stakeholder demand for improved sustainability performance, it is essential for business leaders to adopt a proactive approach to holistically integrate ESG into their business. This effort should encompass corporate governance, risk management, strategies, reporting and more.


Our dedicated experts can help you understand your business’ current obligations, develop and monitor ESG programs to mitigate risks, make informed choices, grow profitably and sustainably, and stay ahead of the changing regulatory landscape.


Strategy & policy

We help our clients develop sustainability strategies and policies through effective stakeholder engagement, alignment with leading standards and setting of targets according to their wider goals.

We take a grounded approach, focusing on effective research and evaluation, methodical assessment of materiality, and design a strategy that leads to meaningful impact in your business.


Operations & implementation

With a thorough understanding of your goals and objectives, we help you effect lasting change by driving consistent decision-making and prioritisation at management level, agreement on targets and performance measurement models, and methods for tracking the effective implementation thereof.

No matter your industry, our experts can guide you through the specific policies relevant to your business, supply chain and investment portfolio.


Risk & disclosure

As sustainability-related mandatory and voluntary frameworks keep evolving to include more and more businesses, we support our clients in assessing and managing their sustainability risks and identify the opportunities for improved performance.

We help clients meet relevant compliance requirements, align with internal risk management practices, adhere with relevant standard and frameworks, and ensure the external disclosure of information is credibly reliable.


ESG Assurance

Gaining independent assurance of your company’s ESG Performance is vital to securing the trust of your investors and other stakeholders.

Our team assists clients with various assurance services such as, advising on current and future ESG reporting standards relevant to their business and sector, reviewing ESG disclosures for compliance with existing requirements within the annual and ESG report, and delivering external assurance over ESG and other non-financial metrics under ISAE 3000.


Investment & impact

We support investors to capitalise on the business opportunities that can be derived from creating positive impact.

Our work includes a range of services that help support long-term resilience, measure co-benefits and market analysis, enhance environmental and social outcomes, and facilitate business innovation to drive positive impact.