Trust Services

Our specialists at Nexia Poyiadjis can assist you and explain how you can benefit for setting up a Cyprus International Trusts.

Cyprus International Trusts are based on the International Trust law, 1992 and they enjoy very important tax advantages, providing significant tax planning possibilities to interested parties, which include the following:

  • Income and gains of a Cyprus International Trust are exempt from any tax imposed in Cyprus
  • Dividends, interest or other income received by a Cyprus International Trust are not subject to Cypriot tax
  • No capital gains tax is charged on the disposal of assets of a Cyprus International Trust
  • No withholding tax on distributions made by a Cyprus International Trust
  • Exemption from taxation in the case of an alien who creates an International Trust in Cyprus and retires in Cyprus under certain conditions.

Our team of professionals can handle the formation of a Cyprus International Trust and manage all the supplementary services to ensure compliance with all statutory obligations.

Please contact us to assist you getting started with your trust.